Solidar is Freedom

Solidar, more than an uncondional income on the blockchain.


Join the unconditional income project Solidar and receive a monthly income in Solidar in one of the supported social media platform Chatbots.

Sourcecode & Wallet

Download and compile the C++ Sourcecode Link for the Winndows GUI Wallet below:

Windows WalletZip 8.9.0Simple Solidar Explorer

Explanation of the Solidar design and the administration by WINC.

Join our Solidar project and Receive an income via Chatbot!

Send /join to any of the available Chatbots to join the income project. 
Note: Check your balance with /balance each month to receive an income each 1st.

Facebook Chatbot

Send /join to participate and /help for more information (in Messenger:


Twitter Chatbot

Send a Direct message to @SolidarCurrency. Send /join to participate. Send /help for more information.


Telegram Chatbot

Send /join to participate and /help for more information (available on desktop and mobile).


VKontakte Chatbot

Send /join to participate and /help for more information.


Solidar (SDR)

Solidar is designed as voucher which means there are already legal regulations in each country. Solidar includes demurrage -a 20% p.a. fee on money- to recycle money and redistribute it. 2/3 is redistributed as unconditional income 1/3 is stored to be payed as income to participating communities. The Solidar unconditional income starts with 10 Solidar each month. Above 15 000 users the amount is halved to account for a 20 million maximal supply. After that the payout amount is halved each time the user amount doubles.

VideoWINC association

WINC association


The WINC association is registered in Germany and is the administrator of the Solidar project. The cryptocurrency Solidar is designed as voucher like the famous local currency Chiemgauer. The association is a democratic organization regulating the Solidar monetary policy.


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